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Professional Landscaping



Why you need landscaping?

A well-designed landscape has more than just aesthetic benefits. Some of these benefits help our environment, help decrease energy consumption for your home, minimize storm run-off and erosion of sediment/soils, and plenty more. Each design and project takes an awareness of the surrounding environment by choosing plants native to the climate, creating a natural habitat for wildlife, and reducing a need for pesticides.

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Professional Landscaping Services

Pretty Garden

Landscape Design

Our design team is here to help meet your goals when it comes to enhancing your landscape. From walkways to patios and pleasure gardens, CLS will design and bring your ideas to life. We offer landscape design services in both stages of garden designs and master plans. A stunning and well thought out landscape design should be low maintenance and environmentally sustainable. We work with our clients through the conceptual stages to achieve a master plan you'll admire. Contact us today and schedule your landscape consultation.

We Take Care Of Your Installation From Start To Finish

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